Let me put the several deadlines aside, and write something to relax.


There are often some strange thoughts in my mind. You can call it as inspiration. Sometimes it is like a kind of magic power that light the passion. A few days ago Yalan asked me about my status, “What are you dreaming about?” I said that there maybe one or two seconds at last night I feeling no passion any more. Studying is meaningless; life is meaningless; living is meaningless. This is a dangerous moment. It is said that one man who repeated lies 100 times will believe it as truth. I just reminded myself at the moment.


I was writing. It is long time that I have not written so many words with a pen, whose result is that the calligraphy is not as well as before. Look at the cool exciting handwriting of past. Maybe it is time to think it over. “A mayfly in the universe is so tiny, just like a drop in the sea.” Wrote it again and again, I shared the same feelings with ancients, sighing and mourning.


Just go back to the passion. I think I have a bunch of examples to describe such a moment. Just like what happened during a class when I am still WHUer two years ago – I skipped the class and return to the dormitory immediately with passion. I sent SMS to my friend Yang Bo, who was still in that class then and in CAS now, that I have a great idea to make big money. I wanted to realize the great idea together with him. Stupid idea actually. In fact I discovered the defect then. You will change the world just with this? However, I still could not suppress to miss that moment.


There is an article in Sroan’s Blog named Five Years Later, telling a story that he meet VC with his plan. After reading the plan, the manager asked him with worry, “What if Google in?” He smiled and stayed calm, “Then we can keep our business in China!” It is humorous. But wait, “What if Tencent in?” Just like a sudden bolt outside. He changed his status recently, “I find it necessary to get a master degree”. And I replied “I find it necessary to get a PhD”. This is part of the truth which you can not judge it right or wrong. We are all people with dreams, except some moments that I lost myself. It can be proofed. Because I always feel that I still have a lot of things to do in the lifetime.


What is the aim of life? The answer should not be the paradox which sounds like words game too much. There is a dialog in the movie Wall Street Money Never Sleep.

“What is your number?”
“I am sorry?”
“The amount of money you would need to just walk away from it and live.”

Actually I also have thought about the number. The truth is that no matter how much money you make, you will never be rich. It is not about the money. It is about the game.


True or false, That is the question.